The Council of the Australian Flora Foundation is the body which administers the Foundation. Councilors and the executive are nominated and elected by financial members of the Foundation at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in November each year. The current Council membership is as follows:

  • President:  Dr Peter Goodwin    About Peter
  • Secretary:  Mr Ian Cox
  • Treasurer: Dr E. Charles Morris     About Charles
  • Vice President: Professor Richard Williams       About Richard
    • Members:Dr David Murray  (ANPSA representative)      About David
                       Dr Tina Bell   About Tina
                       Mr Ross Smyth-Kirk (APS NSW rep)      About Ross
                       Dr Paddy Lightfoot   About Paddy
                       Professor Michelle Leishman    About Michelle
    •                  Carolyn Gillard    About Carolyn
                       Associate Professor Jennifer Firn    About Jennifer

The Council meets about three times a year to conduct the Foundation's business, including selection of research projects for funding and awarding of grants (after assessment by the Scientific Research Committee). The Council also oversees the investment of funds in the Research Fund. There are a variety of tasks which the Councillors undertake between meetings including fund raising activities, publication of Newsletters and publicity. Volunteers to assist with this work are always welcome.