RESEARCH GRANTS - Full applications
for funding in 2014

Note: Full applications will be accepted only from applicants who have been invited to submit one, following their submission of a preliminary application.

Send Guidelines as a PDF file

Please email your application to:
Peter Goodwin

Each application should contain the following information:

1.1. Project Title
This should be sufficiently descriptive to indicate the subject area or problem and the nature of the investigation of which the proposal forms all or part.
1.2. Short Title
This will be used for future administrative reference and preferable should be no more than five words.
1.3. Project Duration
- total duration of the project
- period for which AFF support is required
- actual or anticipated commencement date.
1.4. Total Grant Requested
1.5. Principal Researcher / Supervisor (one only)
- name and qualifications
- position in organisation
- address, telephone, fax number and Email address
- research experience (not more than 50 words)*
- list of relevant publications
* Where the applicant is not a qualified researcher, indicate how adequate scientific supervision will be provided.
1.6. Other personnel involved in the project.
1.7. Location(s) where research will be conducted

2.1. Project Objectives
State the specific aims of the project indicating sub-projects where involved.
2.2. Project Outline
Briefly describe the proposed research in the following terms (where applicable):
- review background information, maximum 200 words (not counting reference list)
- provide justification for this project, maximum 100 words
- type of experiments
- methods and techniques to be used
- data to be obtained
- interpretation of the data in relation to the objectives
- any special features
2.3. Potential application of this work to the domestication, conservation or other benefits of Australian native plants.
2.4 For applications on rare and endangered plants: evidence of support from an organisation, such as a National Parks and Wildlife Service, or a Botanic Gardens, which will use the research results to help ensure the success of their management plan for the species.
2.5. Facilities and Staff
Briefly describe the facilities, major items of equipment, the number and type of staff to be directed to this project, and the extent of their involvement (days per month).
2.6. Publication/Dissemination
Indicate how the results of this work will be made available to interested researchers, the public or industry. The Foundation must be granted non-exclusive copyright to the final report, and will help publicise the results by making them available on its website.
2.7. Summary
In approximately 200 words, provide a summary of the proposed research and its potential contribution to the biology and cultivation of Australian plants. This summary may be used directly or paraphrased in the Foundation's publicity or fund raising literature.

3.1. Project title (use short title)
3.2. Date of compilation of financial data
3.3. Budget. Make provision for a final payment of 10% of the total required funding, contingent on the Australian Flora Foundation’s acceptance of the final report.
                           Year       Year              Year               Totals
                                                 ( Final payment)

* Include on-costs

3.4. Justification of expenditure
Provide a brief explanation for all classes of expenditure and indicate priorities.

3.5. Indicate if other funds are available to the project and if other applications for support have been made elsewhere.

Where applicable, the application should be forwarded through the appropriate administrative officer of the organisation where the research will be conducted.   If not affiliated with an organisation, indicate how the project funds will be administered.

Grantees are expected to put the Australian Flora Foundation logo (which is available on the website at logo.jpg for a 201x198 px image and for a 477x472 px image) on any poster presentations they make at conferences on AFF funded projects. Any time the Grantee publishes material which relates to the approved project, they will acknowledge in the publication or presentation the support of the Australian Flora Foundation.