The Foundation aims to foster research to:

New members are welcome. Membership of the Foundation is open to anyone who supports its objectives. Members help with the work of the Foundation and pay an annual membership subscription, currently $30, which supports the operation of the Foundation such as the cost of producing and distributing newsletters. The most tangable fruit of membership it the twice a year newsletter. Councillors are elected by the members from the membership. Councillors not only give their time freely, but also cover their own expenses to attend meetings and carry on the business. Other members help with publicity or special skills when needed. Many members make donations to the Research Fund. Membership form. Note that to use this form directly on your screen it needs to be opened with a browser which supports forms, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. If your browser does not support forms, eg Mozilla Firefox, you will need to open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (which is free), or its equivalent.