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11 December 2013

31st Annual General Meeting
The 31st Annual General Meeting of the Australian Flora Foundation was held at the Biomedical Building, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh on Monday 25th November 2013. A new Council was elected, being the same team as in 2013. Details can be seen here.
A summary of the Foundation's expenditure in the 2011/12 financial year, presented at the AGM is here.
The President's Report for 2013, also presented at the AGM is here.

28 November 2013

Call for Applications for Research Grants for funding in 2015

The Foundation is now calling for applications for research grants to begin in 2015. Preliminary applications will be accepted until 17th March 2014.

11 November 2013

Final report by Dion Harrison.
A summary of the report by Dr Harrison has been available here since 2010, but at his request the full report was held back pending its publication in refereed journals. The report is now being made available here , since three years have passed, allowing adequate time for publication.

15 August 2013

Spinifex grasslands

New Grants
Following the Council Meeting on 5th August 2013 the Australian Flora Foundation is pleased to announce new grants to
Mark Ooi Clinal variation in seed dormancy and regeneration success of Boronia: implications for persistence under climate change.
Nathalie Nagalingum Conservation genetics of wild populations and botanic garden collections of Australian cycads
Susanne Schmidt Functional response of Triodia in the spinifex grasslands of arid Australia.
For more details

Spinifex grassland Yakabindi station Western Australia

13 July 2013

New final report
John Morgan & Pete Green Department of Botany, La Trobe University, Bundora 3086, Victoria      Final Report
Vegetation change in the Pretty Valley alpine grasslands from 1945 to 2003: the influence of grazing on plant community succession

19 June 2013

New final report
Karen Johnson
University of Tasmania, Hobart
Determining the pollinators of rare and endangered Epacris species: implications for conservation.  Final Report

29 May 2013

New publication
The abstract of a new publication in a refereed journal, based on the grant to Amelia Martyn 'Germination of Australian alpine species and implications in a changing climate' can be found here. Links to publications arising from grants are listed in the last column of the Grants webpage.

10 March 2013

New final report
Nicholas Paul
James Cook University, Townsville
“Green caviar” and “sea grapes”: Targeted cultivation of high-value seaweeds from the genus Caulerpa     Final report

7 March 2013

New final report
Carola Kuramotto de Bednarik
Australian National University
Relative importance of fire regimes and environmental gradients for the distribution of rainforests in the Sydney region   Final report

22 October 2012

New final report
Catherine Lovelock
School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland, St Lucia
The capacity of native saltmarsh halophytes to remove salt from saline wastewater discharge - an experimental assessment of salt uptake mechanisms in common Australian saltmarsh chenopods. Final report*
*Note that this is a summary of the disasters which terminated this project, not a final report.

Change of address
The University of Sydney has closed its Holme Building mail system, and accordingly the postal address of the Foundation has been changed to:
Australian Flora Foundation Inc.
PO Box 21
Dulwich Hill  NSW  2203
Please use this address for all postal communications.

25 January 2011

Queensland floods
With her final report, Margaret Johnston sent this comment

'I am sorry the report is late but we have had a disrupted fortnight. My son runs a small business in Toowoomba which had 70 cm of storm water and considerable stock loss as there was no warning. Such events are unheard of in Toowoomba although some historic pictures taken in 1906 show a similar event. However, I am just thankful hat he is safe, given the tragic events and loss of life that occurred in the Lockyer valley.

I have worked at Gatton since 1989 and this is the first time that I was unable to get to work. The Toowoomba range is severely damaged, (one lane each way only) and all other routes via Murphy's Creek and Flagstone creek also damaged. We are learning to be very patient, my 35 min drive now takes 60-90 mins. Similar disruptions are happening for those living in Brisbane.

The main railway line down the range is severely damaged as is the gas line, so say nothing of the damage to the transport systems in Brisbane.

These are challenging times.'

On behalf of the Australian Flora Foundation:

You have our appreciation and admiration as you and your colleagues cope with this disaster.

Peter Goodwin

22 February 2010

Essay competition
The winner of the Australian Flora Foundation Essay Prize for 2010 was Amy Predergast, University of Western Australia. Congratulations Amy! Her essay and the judges comments can be found here.

Some details of the competition are here.

The Foundation belatedly acknowledges with gratitude a generous bequest to the Research Fund from the Estate of the late Mrs Eileen Croxford. For more information on Eileen see here.

15 March 2006

A tribute from the Australian Flora Foundation to Bill Payne is here.

9 February 2005

A tribute to Val Williams is here