Harnessing native Fabaceae for agriculture – the importance of mycorrhizal fungi – Progress Report

Australian Flora Foundation Progress Report, August 2007

Denton, Ryan, Barker and Tibbett , University of Western Australia

Summary of Progress
Funding from the AFF has assisted in stimulating a significant level of research at UWA on the mycorrhizal status of native Australian Fabaceae. Extensive glasshouse experiments and field sampling have been undertaken using AFF funds to provide for operating, consumables and a minor component of salaries. Yinglong Chen and Tamara Edmonds-Tibbett have been employed part-time on the projects, with additional funding used to resource the majority of their work. In addition, research efforts have been increased substantially through a Gleddon Senior Visiting Fellowship, which enabled the visitation of Chris Walker, formerly of UK Forest Research, to apply his highly developed skills in identifying mycorrhizal fungal spores.

Outcomes so far
Results from this work will form part of an oral presentation will be made at MEDECOS XI, the International Mediterranean Ecosystems Conference in Perth, September 2007:
• “Establishing the mycorrhizal status of native Fabaceae” Megan Ryan1,2,7, Susan Barker1,3, Yinglong Chen1,2,4, Matthew D Denton1,2,5, Tamara Edmonds-Tibbett 2, Mark Tibbett4, Christopher Walker4,6

A further presentation will be made at the 2nd International Rhizosphere Congress at Montpellier and at the 4th International Symposium on Physiological Processes in Roots of Woody Plants, Bangor, Wales September 2007:
• “The structural and functional diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in native Australian Fabaceae”. Mark Tibbett1, Megan H. Ryan1,2,3, Susan Barker2,3, Yinglong Chen1,2,4, Matthew Denton2,5, Tamara Edmonds-Tibbett2,3, Chris Walker1,6

A manuscript from this talk is close to completion and will be submitted by November 2007 to the international journal Plant Biosystems.