Final Report Guidelines

Research reports are very important to the Australian Flora Foundation (AFF) and we have close to forty years of history in enabling publishing of important research about our unique Australian flora. It is through our support and distribution of quality and important scientific research that we provide our sponsors with a return on the funds invested in your research.

AFF Research Reports are aimed at two audiences, firstly those closely interested in the details of the work and its findings, and secondly those with a general interest, who would like to apply the research findings in their day to day activities or are passionate about Australian flora and love to learn.

Hence the Foundation requests two reports:

1. A scientific report on the project suitable for other researchers aimed at understanding and evaluating the research conducted and results in the context of the relevant scientific literature. There are two options possible:

a) A written report specially for the AFF that will generally follow a conventional format of:
– Abstract / Summary
– Introduction / Background / Literature
– Research methodology
– Results
– Discussion / Conclusions

It should include a title page with an evocative image, giving the title of the report, the names and affiliations of the authors, that it is the final report on a grant from the Australian Flora Foundation, and the date of completion.
Pages need to be numbered, starting with the Abstract/Summary.

Please follow this link to see an example:


b) If the article has been accepted for publication in a scientific journal then once published please submit an Authors copy of the article without journal formatting so that we can also make the article available on the AFF website in a similar manner to which universities are making articles available. We kindly request that you please acknowledge AFF funding in the acknowledgements of your accepted article.

2. A short project summary written for the  general public for use in Australian Flora Foundation newsletters and promotional material. *Images or video would be greatly appreciated as this will help us to publicise your research and help our sponsors and followers visualise your study species and systems.

Please follow this link for an example including a final report

We will place both reports on the Australian Flora Foundation’s website, the summary as a HTML file and the scientific report as a downloadable PDF file.

An important aspect of the reports is to explain the relevance of the work and its (potential) contribution to the cultivation and conservation of the Australian flora or other benefits.


Reports should be submitted electronically as an email attachment, if possible with text in Microsoft Word format, and images in JPEG format, or alternatively with the report in PDF format.


A signed copyright release must be provided with the report.


*Please supply copies of any published articles, press releases etc that relate to the project. We appreciate that these may only become available some years after the Foundation’s funding has ceased, but they represent an important return on the investment made in your research.