Grant Applications



The Australian Flora Foundation invites applications for funding of research projects from individual researchers and research teams, to support original scientific studies on the biology and cultivation of Australian plants.

The Australian Flora Foundation was established in 1981 with the aim of fostering scientific research on the biology and cultivation of Australian plants. It aims to support research that will create improved understanding and greater awareness of the value of the Australian flora, leading to pathways for their conservation and utilisation.

Grants will be awarded for research projects to commence in early 2025, with funds available from December 2024.

The Foundation operates three grant programs:

1. Malcolm Reed Grants: to support substantial projects for 2 to 3 years, with budgets in the range
of $20,000 to $60,000, spread over the time period of the project. The budget must not exceed $
30,000 in any one year.
2. Small Grants: to support smaller and exploratory projects for one to two years, with budgets in
the range of $5,000 to $20,000, spread over the time period of the project.
3. Ian and Janet McConachie Macadamia Conservation Grant: to support one project annually
for up to three years, with a budget of up to $ 20,000 per annum, focused on the ecology and
conservation of macadamias. This grant scheme is funded by the Macadamia Conservation

*Applications may be lodged under one scheme only*

The Foundation’s three research priorities are:

  1. Conservation of Australian plant diversity, particularly those facing threats from climate change;
  2. The cultivation of Australian plants, to ensure their survival; and
  3. Reduce the threat to native ecosystems rare and endangered plants.

While proposals on other topics will also be considered, research on taxonomy and phytochemistry is of lesser interest unless it forms part of a larger project. Research on orchids and marine plants, and flora surveys are not within the scope of the Foundation’s funding aims.

For further details on the selection criteria, please go to
Projects which will be part of an ARC Linkage Project, or co-investment, will also be considered, but AFF funding will be dependent on ARC support for the Project.

The application process comprises two stages: Preliminary, brief applications should indicate the purpose of the project, the likely costs, and the research protocol, by March 18, 2024. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to submit a full proposal by June 30, 2024. Applications must be submitted on the forms available at

Successful applicants will be notified in September 2024, and funds will be available from December 2024 following the execution of a grant agreement.

*Lead investigators who submit a proposal must be members of the AFF, for more details on becoming a member (annual membership fee of $16.50 students, $33 others) please click here.

Applications and enquiries should be submitted to the AFF Grants Officer at

Summary of important dates:

Preliminary applications due by         18th March, 2024

Short-listed applicants advised          early May

Full applications due by                       June (short-listed applicants will be notified of the specific dates)

Board meets                                         August

Successful applicant advised            September

Funds available from                          December

The Australian Flora Foundation gratefully acknowledges all those individuals and organisations who make these grants possible  by contributing to the Australian Flora Foundation Research Fund