Selection Criteria

Each application will be evaluated on:

    • Closeness to the objectives of the Australian Flora Foundation:
      1) conservation of Australian plant diversity, particularly where there are threats from climate change
      2) the cultivation of Australian plants, to ensure their survival and reduce the threat to native ecosystems
      3) enabling the management of rare and endangered plants. All applications on rare and endangered plants should indicate how the research relates to the management plan for the species.
    • Originality and technical feasibility.
    • The scientific merit of the project, as advised by the Scientific Research Committee. Projects must be scientifically sound.  Applicants must be suitably qualified or identify a qualified project supervisor.
    • The likelihood of success within the proposed time frame.
    • The availability of funds.

The Foundation does not fund projects that are for conference travel, publications, research on orchids, or taxonomy. It gives a low priority to flora surveys per se.