President’s Report – 1986



The Australian Flora Foundation is now firmly established and enjoying the confidence and support of the scientific world, and the concerned public. It remains now for the Board to nurture this support to success in the promotion of research into the cultivation and biology of the Australian flora.
Achievements to Date
1. Establishment of the Foundation as a limited liability corporate entity responsible only to its members.
2. Full tax deductibility for donations to research. Submissions for grants are assessed by a Research Committee comprising a panel of C.S.I.R.O. accredited scientists.
3. Symposia are held following each annual meeting. Published reports of previous symposia are available to members. The address at the 1985 meeting is published in this report.
4. An index of current research on the biology and cultivation of the Australian flora has been published and is available to members. A continuing update will be a permanent service of the Foundation.
5. Scientific research has been supported through the supply of plants and other resources on twenty-five projects as defined later in this report.
6. Submissions for grants to undertake major research projects are invited and those received to date are elaborated in this report.
Future Direction
It appears appropriate to repeat our objective: “To foster research into the biology and cultivation of the Australian flora”. The Directors seek to fulfil this objective and:
1. Once again seek submissions for research grants that involve serious research to achieve the above objective.
2. Will continue to encourage plant research by supplying plants and other resources at short notice.
3. Promote public awareness of current research activity on the Australian flora.
4. Seek funding for scientific research by private enterprises along the lines indicated later in this report. In this regard, there needs to be a wider range of basic as well as applied research projects to interest enterprises to support this work through funding. The principle financial support to this date has not been from government, nor from private business, nor from the commercial nursery industry, but from private individuals in limited circumstances who have stressed their concern over the future of our flora by “digging deep”, and this is gratefully acknowledged. We sincerely hope that this support will continue even in the present hard times as they are indeed making a significant contribution to our Natural Heritage.
5. Continue to focus research effort by defining areas most in need of research.