Selection and evaluation of eastern Australian Conospermum species as cut flowers – Progress Report

Progress report on the grant:

Dr A.T. Slater
Institute for Horticultural Development Knoxfield, Dept. of Agriculture, Victoria

Last flowering season my time was very pressed, but I spent a few days in the Grampians surveying populations and collecting material for market assessment, vase life assessment and where possible propagation. I have also spent time talking with a couple of growers who have C. mitchellii, and the rest of the time was spent on the vase life trials, propagation, and obtaining market response.

*The market assessment was very positive.
*The vase life assessment of C. mitchellii was also very positive while for C. patens not so good.
*The availability of propagation material meant that success was limited, but we have been able to propagate the plants at a later time.
*I have also recently taken the work further by discussing with colleagues in WA the possibility of a future collaborative project which will place these selections and those from WA into commercial production across Australia.