Propagation of Persoonia virgata for commercial development – Publication

Abstract of a paper based on work funded in part by the Australian Flora Foundation

Ketelholm, L. M. Johnston, M. E. Williams, R. R.
Department of Plant Production, University of Queensland, Gatton College, Qld 4345, Australia.
Acta Horticulturae. 1998. 454: 157-164
CAB Abstract 980305678

The cultivation of P. virgata for cut flowers or cut foliage is currently restricted by propagation difficulties. In SE Queensland, stems of P. virgata are commercially harvested all year round from natural populations and sold on the domestic and export flower market. Propagation has been studied using seeds and cuttings. Seed germination of 50% can be achieved by fermenting the fruits, removing at least half of the endocarp, and culturing in an aseptic environment. Cuttings will root when juvenile material, of selected genotype, is used. IBA concentration in the rooting powder used and the season of propagation appear to be important factors and these are being studied. The prospects for commercial production of P. virgata appear promising.