Banksia propagation. In-vitro multiplication of Banksia species – Publication

Abstract of a publication based on research funded at least in part by the Australian Flora Foundation

Banksia propagation. In-vitro multiplication of Banksia species.
Tynan, K. M., Scott, E. S. and Sedgley, M.
Department of Applied and Molecular Ecology, Waite Campus, Adelaide University, PMB1 Glen Osmond, Australia.

Australian Plants. 2000. 21: 166, 79-82
CAB Abstract 20013104886

Experiments on the micropropagation of Banksia speices, principally B. coccinea, B. menziesii, B. spinulosa var. collina and B. ericifolia, are reported. Buds which swelled on explants of B. ericifolia and B. menziesii failed to develop into shoots. In B. coccinea, both shoot and root induction were achieved, although attempts to transfer plantlets to a vermiculite/sand mixture or to potting mix were unsuccessful.