President’s Report – 1985



A summary of matters considered at recent meetings.
1. To encourage modern business practices and initiatives in an organization largely comprising and run by scientific people trained in scientific work, it was decided to create the position of Executive Director. Mr Bill Payne has since been appointed to the position and we trust that he will receive the encouragement and co-operation of all to help this Foundation realize its objectives.
2. To gain wider media coverage and at the same time more direct contact with the horticultural industry, Mr Don Burke was invited to accept a position on the Board and he has since been elected a Vice-President. We trust that this will be successful and welcome Don Burke to our activity.
3. To place the Foundation on a permanent and effective basis, a submission is being prepared for funding by the Federal Government under the adminis-trative assistance scheme extended to conservation organizations, for a paid, part-time administrator.
4. We are fortunate in that many of the Directors have their expenses met by the scientific institution that sponsors them. This does not apply in all cases and authority was extended to the President to approve subsidized travel where appropriate.
5. Research Grants.
The procedure for processing research grant applications was defined. Applications are to be forwarded to the Secretary. The Chairman of the Research Committee, Professor T. Clifford, is to be assisted by Dr R. Williams acting as co-ordinator. These officers would draft a form to be used by Research Committee members when assessing applications. As applications are received, these would be forwarded to Dr Williams who would arrange for a copy to be sent to each member of the Committee. Assessment by Research Committee members would be sent to Professor Clifford, who would collate these and forward them with his recommendations to Dr Williams, who would prepare the final submission to the Foundation Board.
A decision as to which project would proceed and the extent of funding would be made by the Board.
6. Index to Current Horticultural and Biological Research on the Australian Flora.
The results of an Australia-wide survey based at the Australian National Botanic Gardens were fully completed ready for publication. Don Burke proposed that these may be published by the Journal of Australian Horticulture at a cost to be limited to $1 000. It will be noted elsewhere in this report that the Index is to be an occasional publication of the National Botanic Gardens.
7. A public relations and fund-raising campaign was to be mounted under the direction of the President and the Vice-President, Mr Don Burke. This was to be promoted after tangible achievements could be acclaimed such as the Index of Horticultural Research and publication of the 1984 symposium. Preparation would take the form of lists of areas of biological research relevant to the Foundation.
8. Waratah Symposium Proceedings.
Various avenues were considered to have the proceedings published. It will be noted elsewhere in this report that proceedings will be occasional publication of the Australian National Botanic Gardens.