President’s Report – 1994



  • Four new grants were awarded, bringing to a total of 25 the number of projects supported
  • In March our Mission was adopted: By 1997, the Foundation will be well known and respected for the promotion and application of research to understand, conserve and utilize Australian flora.
  • The Foundation’s first agreement for raising funds from product sales was commenced.

   1993-94 was an exciting year to be President of the Foundation. There has been sufficient research going on to show the impact the Foundation can have, whilst Directors have focussed on action for significant expansion over the next 3 years.

Matching money from the Rural Industries Research and Development Corp. enabled us to increase the size of grants for projects leading to new cut flower or potted plant products. Already it is clear that progress can be faster with the bigger grants: The collection of Everlasting daisies has now attracted a large grant for rapid commercialization. Whilst two other projects (on Zieria and Native Rice) are significant for environmental reasons.

At the Biennial Seminar of the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants in September 1993, a talk and display were presented by Jonathan Lidbetter, Dr Jim Kohen, Alison Downing and Janice Hughes. I explained the Foundation to growers and scientists at the National Workshop for Australian Native Flowers in February 1994.

Many people and groups contributed to the Research Fund during 1993-94. Donations of $400 or more have been received from Society for Growing Australian Plants (Queensland Region Inc.), S.G.A.P. Mackay Group, M.L. Reed and Anonymous (1). Since the end of the Financial year the Foundation received its first payment from an agreement with Biotech Plants Pty Ltd for use of the logo in promoting a range of Kangaroo paws. I thank Mark Bennett for organizing this.

I am grateful to the five members of the Scientific Committee, convened by Professor Richard Williams, for assessing the research applications we receive. Also, my thanks to all the Directors and to the scientists themselves for their enthusiasm in studying Australian plants.

Malcolm Reed, President