President’s Report – 1995

President’s Report 1995


Grants distributed to researchers totalled $47,000: the Foundation’s best year ever.
Special research grants on Fire and the Australian Flora were organized to assist the Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Fund 1994

It gives me great satisfaction to see so many research projects in progress, not least because they highlight the diversity of sources of funds available to the Foundation. Government agencies can direct money through the Foundation, provided it is well run and can show that it has community support.

Corporations will help the Foundation as there is a return for the sponsorship. Donations from community groups and individuals are proof of public support. It is a challenge for the incoming Board of Directors to add to these three sources of funds and to make the Foundation’s work well known and respected.

Amongst the grants are some supporting young people in their training as plant scientists. They need our support: working with plants is not as prestigious, as say, medicine, either in universities or at TAFE colleges, but equal commitment is required. The Student Prize of the Flora Foundation is a modest contribution to recognition of excellence. I am grateful to the members of the Ecological Society of Australia who select the winner of the Australian Flora Foundation Student Prize.

Many people and groups contributed to the Research Fund during 1994-95. Donations of $400 or more have been received from Biotech Plants Pty Ltd, M.L. Reed, Society for Growing Australian Plants Mackay Group, S.G.A.P. Maroondah Group and S.G.A.P. Queensland Region. We administered the second round of export industry-related grants. funded by the Rural Industries R&D Corporation and, late in 1995, will complete distribution of funds entrusted to us from the Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal Fund 1994. My thanks to Drs Roger Carolin. David Keith and Peter Meyerscough for help with selection of applications and to members of the Scientific Research Committee for assessing them all. Also. my thanks to all the Directors and to the scientists themselves for their enthusiasm in studying Australian plants.

Malcolm Reed President